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Interviewing During A Pandemic: 5 Simple Tips to Remember

Working, shopping, interacting with friends, and even interviewing for a job has taken on a new meaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Preparing for an interview is equally as important as updating your resume and enhancing your LinkedIn. After being identified as a prospective applicant by the people team or hiring manager, we believe there are several simple rules to remember.


  1. Educate: Learn the business and address opportunities.

  2. Prepare: Plan, practice, and perfect.

  3. Communicate: Consistent, professional, timely, and strategic.

  4. Observe: Culture, interaction, and workflow.

  5. Follow Up: Determine the next steps and thank the team for their time.

Interviewing is an art form. To become a great interviewer (or artist) we believe incorporating discipline and practice will deliver results. The interview process can be time-consuming and cause uncertainty. We recommend checking out as they post fantastic articles and tips like; “Your Ultimate Guide to Answering the Most Common Interview Questions.

Differentiate yourself while navigating the job market by professionally branding and enhancing your SEO through resume writing and LinkedIn optimization. Strategically organize your job search and follow the 5 simple rules of successfully interviewing during a pandemic.

Keen On You, is with you every step of the way. We understand the frustrations of reentering the job market or entering for your first time. Schedule a call with our Founder, Paul G. Logan, to see how we can help or visit us directly at


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