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the fundamental pillars that guide how we work are People, Process, Technology.


its framework to define and promote consistent and effective initiatives proven to drive people as well as operational efficiency in the workplace.   



Keen On You, How We Work
Keen On You, How We Work
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We value your brand's (personal/business) story and believe it is critical to first understand; historical success, failure, frustration and bottleneck points. While working together to gather the facts and formulate a customized solution to deliver future results:

Executive Search: identify and hire member(s) of the leadership team across industries; hospitality, marketing, creative, design & technology

Personal Brand: formulate and execute a career narrative designed to optimize “searchability,”  clearly define previous work, growth, accomplishments and state key benefactors for why future employers/clients should consider hiring you  

Chief Talent Officer: work with a subject matter expert (SME) to analyze profit trends, structure organizational chart, develop enticing job descriptions, confirm pay ranges, set career path(s), cost to hire / time to hire and recruitment procedures/standards, implement technology while train leadership on consistent/best practices

Opening Restaurant/Hotel: work with stakeholders to execute talent strategy for establishments of 15 to 400+ employees. 

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Keen on delivering results and motivated to achieve a return on investment for each stakeholder. By collaborating with project stakeholder(s) to determine achievable milestones and deliverable objectives. 

Free Consultation: 1:1 meeting (virtually/in-person). Typically 30 to 60 minutes in length 
Service Delivery: determine appropriate service channels to deliver a customized solution     
Service Agreement: confirm PGI (personal growth investment) / BGI (business growth investment)

Service Execution: get the job done and review  

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Cost effective implementation of digital solutions that drive productivity while measuring success.  

LinkedIn: optimize your brands presence online through keyword optimization to convert leads into business opportunities    

ATS: integrate and/or implement, applicant tracking system for small, medium, large businesses domestic or globally      

Hiring Guide: for opening a restaurant/hotel complete with hiring timelines, labor budget, recruitment spend and resources

Job Search Guide: individually designed to support one’s job search efforts, drive consistency and effective outreach    

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