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How to Overcome a Saturated Job Market & Digital Hiring Practices

The coronavirus has directly impacted consumers, employees, and companies in many ways. In-person operations have shifted to zoom calls and lack of revenue for many industries has resulted in massive lay-offs. As companies begin hiring again, job seekers will find themselves faced with new obstacles beyond previous comprehension. Since companies have pivoted to a digitized hiring and onboarding process to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

To gain visibility within this saturated job market, it’s important to achieve organizational efficiency through strategic job search practices. Prospective job seekers may have to shift any previous understanding of the application process to meet new standards. With unemployment reaching all-time high job seekers are paving the way for the future.

When transitioning from a passive job seeker to an active applicant, I believe it is crucial to understand their expectations, motivations, and passions. By learning what active applicants are targeting in terms of company industry, culture, daily responsibilities, and role title. We can coach and strategically support the revisioning of resumes [Click Here - if you missed our last post], design your job search strategy and optimize your digital presence through LinkedIn.

The three key differentiators for candidates while navigating the job market are resume writing, LinkedIn optimization & job search strategy, and interview skills. Here’s how we suggest optimizing your LinkedIn and job search strategy.


In an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, cities and states around the country have called for many non-essential businesses to shutter or at least adjust their operations. The efforts have wreaked havoc on numerous industries, including food service, travel, and retail, among others. [see the full article].

The key to achieving optimal visibility and differentiating yourself in the market is to optimize your professional brand through LinkedIn and refine your job search strategy.


  • Industry-specific keywords: ATS / SEO friendly format for bots and people.

  • Network & stay relevant: Connect, network, and join LinkedIn communities.

  • Skills: Update skills to meet target positions you are applying for.

  • Job Alerts: Stay up-to-date with who’s hiring.

  • Be real. Be you: Include personalization, photos, links, achievements.


  1. Set targets: Hold yourself accountable to reach goals.

  2. Know your worth: Research job title and location of employment to ensure you are fairly compensated.

  3. Develop Personal Brand: Revision resume, LinkedIn, and social channels.

  4. Create templates: Maintain consistent messaging and communication.

  5. Network: Build a LinkedIn network and connections by joining the conversations.

  6. Identify resources: Key organizational tools (i.e. excel) and external resources (i.e. job boards, social channels) designed to support your search.

  7. Interview Prep: Properly market your story and experience. What’s your elevator pitch?

  8. Mock Interview: Practice video conferencing and build confidence by asking the “right” questions.

  9. Apply, Track, & Repeat: Track your search activity to analyze or uncover opportunities and achievements.

Keen On You, provides high-quality concierge service for professional coaching and navigating the job market. Be sure to visit to see a full list of services tailored to increase your visibility in the job market.

At Keen On You, we understand everybody has a story. We brand you for hire.


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