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Dynamic Job Description

Enhance your employer brand and attract top talent.

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Service Description

Prospective applicants (passive or active) are often times introduced to your brand by the way of a job description. As a part of the employer brand and the company culture it is crucial to ensure a positive candidate experience is had from the beginning. The key to ingredients to attract top talent are engaging, gender-neutralized and inclusive content. Our team works cross-departmentally to maintain consistent messaging to write and rewrite your job descriptions with influential, effective, and high-converting copy. Job descriptions should capture your companies essence while also clearly defining the job. Our team of professionals are dedicated to optimizing your job descriptions and look forward to working with you! What's Included: * Length & word count * * Category layout (for future template creation) * * Tone & voice of adverts * * Eliminate Bias - Incorporate gender neutral language * * Diversity & Inclusion Language * * Prospective candidate faceing language - eliminate internal jargon * * Persuasive & Positive copy * * SEO / Keyword optimized * * Video curation & employee testimonial * Get in touch to discuss the scope of project and receive a quote.!

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